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“The League can’t force me to sell Chivas USA”: Jorge Vergara

In a Spanish interview with HOY, the Mexican owner says that the L.A.-based team is “for everybody” and that doesn’t plan to sell the team or change its name

Eduard Cauich | 8/15/2013, 9:36 a.m.
“The League can’t force me to sell Chivas USA”: Jorge Vergara

Since he took full ownership of Chivas USA a year ago, Jorge Vergara now seems more politically correct when he talks about his club in the United States. In an Spanish interview with HOY he said that Chivas USA is a team “for everybody” and that the league can’t force him to sell the franchise.

In the interview, Vergara said that he has an “excellent” relationship with MLS Commissioner Don Garber and that even though the league wanted to sell the team recently, he has full support from MLS and that they understand they have made a lot of mistakes during the last eight years.

Vergara briefly talked about the first discrimination lawsuit and other discrimination issues related to this club.

According to sources familiar with Vergara and former Chivas USA co owner Antonio Cue, Vergara bought the other half of Chivas USA for $40 million in a meeting held last year in New York. In that meeting, Cue wanted to buy the other half and take control of the club but MLS and Vergara made a surprising offer of $40 million to Cue that he couldn't reject.

Vergara said in the HOY interview that he won’t change the team’s name and it’s not even an option for him.

According to media reports, Vergara has made a lot of money recently with the television rights of Chivas Guadalajara in the United States. The new contract with Univision is a five-year/$80 million deal.

Here are some of his translated answers during the interview that took place early this week. The full article (in Spanish) can be found here.

On his first year at Chivas USA:

The first year has been very difficult because the team was not built right (last year) and it had very bad results. It was difficult for us to play our style of futbol with that team…however, we are happy we are going in the right direction. (Francisco) “Paco” Palencia (Chivas USA Director of Soccer) is doing a very good job with Jose Luis Real. So we are calm and we are working on improving the team

Do you think Chivas USA is worth more or less than the $100 million New York paid to get into the league?

The value of the team depends on its market. In markets like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago those teams are more expensive than the others…

If MLS gives you the $100 million, would you sell it?

They have been interested in selling (the team).

Can the league make you sell the team?

First of all, they can’t force me sell the franchise, that’s the reality. We know that there are laws in the US that can’t force me to sell, but there isn’t any intention from their part to force me. They know that there have been many mistakes made in the last eight years… on the contrary, they are supporting us and we are looking to have a new stadium, and we are working to keep improving.